"Guests are encouraged to laugh uncontrollably"

The Inventing Room Dessert Shop​​​

​​​​ OPEN
Tuesday - Sunday

12:00PM - 10:00PM
Closed Mondays

SloHi Village-
4433 W. 29th Avenue, Unit 101
Denver, CO 80212

Walk-Ins Only/
No Reservations

Free Covered Parking Available
West Side of Building -
Pull Up to Garage Door &
It Will Magically Open -
Elevator to 1st Floor

"Science of Ice Cream" Summer Classes

Limit of 18 Kids Per Class
Reservations Required for Classes- Call 303.960.6656 

Demonstration Includes 
*Science of Ice Cream, Liquid Nitrogen, Superconductors,
Food Science, Ice Crystals, etc
*Really, Really Cold Cheetos
*The Ultimate Sundae (Make Your Own Sundae)
*Small Bag of Cotton Candy for Takeaway Gift

Science of Ice Cream Schedule
11:00am - 12:00PM - Wednesdays in June
***All Classes are Now Booked - Thank You!***


Green Apple Gobble-Pop with Mandarin Orange
Pop Rocks 

Really, Really Cold Cheetos $4 

Whiskey Candy Tool Bag (GF)(V) $2 

Compressed Banana Cream Pie $5

Cotton Candy- Bubble Gum, Grape Jelly or
Watermelon (GF) $5


Mexican Fried Ice Cream with Nitro Chocolate 

Lemon Curd Ice Cream with Stewed Blueberries & Meringue 

Smores Tart with Chocolate Pastry Cream with Brown Butter Bits & Burnt Marshmallow

Creme Brulee Waffle with Grilled Strawberry Jam Ice Cream & Nutella

Warm Butterscotch Soup with Sticky Date Pudding & Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Cream Puff -Mocha Ice Cream & Crispy Cappuccino



Frozen Hot Chocolate 

Frozen Chai Milkshake with Tea Syrup

Horchata Slushy with Nitro Coco Crisps

Butter Beer Float with Magic Chocolate 
(All Drinks Topped with Exploding Whipped Cream)

Old School Vanilla (GF)
Chocolate Mousse (GF)
Carmelized Colorado Honey (GF)
Lemon Curd (GF)
Cold Brew Coffee with Chocolate Chips (GF)
Blackberry (GF)
Grilled Strawberry Jam Sorbet (DF)
Coconut Sorbet (DF)

Ginger Cherry Cheesecake
Salted Butterscotch with Brown Butter Bits

Honeycomb (DF) (GF)
Brown Butter Bits
Whipped Burnt Marshmallow (GF)
Pomegranate Fizz Pop Rocks (GF)
Salted Butterscotch (GF)
Exploding Whipped Cream (GF)
Bananas Foster (DF) (GF)
Nitrogen Chocolate (GF)
Sour Candy
Rainbow Sprinkles
Cotton Candy
Oreo Crumbles

(GF)= Gluten-Free
(DF)= Dairy-Free